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Sheila Dills

is a leader and innovator in the Tulsa community. She is President of a non-profit, former small business owner, mother, and Christian who will fight for bold reforms in Oklahoma City. Sheila is the leader and servant representative we desperately need in at our Capitol.


A Vision for Our Future

Our Legislature has not given Oklahoma a true vision for the future of our state. We can no longer manage this state from crisis to crisis. It is time to move Oklahoma toward prosperity.


Public Service Not Self Service

It’s time we are represented by someone looking out for our interests, not special interests. Sheila wants to give you your voice at the capitol back, and restore servant representatives. Sheila’s campaign is about people not special interest PACs.


Revive Oklahoma’s Future

We can no longer sit, wait, and hope that our legislature will do something to fix our bankrupt education system and vague budget process. It is time to take swift action.


Restore Economic Opportunity

Together we can Make Oklahoma the land of Opportunity. Our children and grandchildren are leaving Oklahoma for greater opportunity. We need to stand together and demand Oklahoma start developing economic opportunities.