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One of the main reasons I'm running is to ensure our district has a fighter in the Capitol who is focused on transparency and accountability. We've made great progress in the last session, and I hope to continue it as your State Representative. Our government is designed "of, by, and for" the people. I will always be a champion to hold politicians and government agencies accountable to "we the people." I'll never back down from doing what's right.

A quality education is the cornerstone of our great state. We must ensure education funding is going to student needs and growing our pool of quality teachers. I led the fight to investigate where our education dollars were going and found millions misallocated. This discovery ensured appropriated dollars were spent on students' educational needs. I will always stand up to ensure our children's education is strong.

Oklahoma is primed for unprecedented economic growth. I will continue to prioritize economic prosperity to get new, high-quality jobs into the state. I will continue to lead the charge to build a pro-business, pro-jobs climate while working to lower regulations and cut taxes. Oklahoma's central geographic location and business regulatory climate are ideal to spur new, innovative economic investments.

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Oklahoma's Lieutenant Governor

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"I am honored to serve the great people of House District 69. I will always be a strong voice in the Oklahoma Capitol representing our traditional values, including the sacred right to life, upholding the Constitution, & growing Oklahoma into a top-10 state."

- Rep. Sheila Dills
Republican for State House District 69

Sheila Dills is a proud lifelong Oklahoman, who was born in Vinita and later attended OSU with a golf scholarship. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and built a successful business while raising her daughter and nurturing a blended family with special needs with her late husband Joey. Sheila was blessed to be married to the love of her life, Joey Dills for 27 years before he passed away from cancer in 2019. 

Sheila was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2018 representing South Tulsa, Jenks and Bixby. In 2019, she was elected by the House Republican Caucus as Leader of the Majority Caucus. In 2021 Dills was appointed as Vice-Chair of Government Oversight and Accountable and appointed to the committees of Appropriations and Budget, Education Appropriations, Utilities, as well as County and Municipal Government. Over the past two years, Sheila led the charge on public school financial transparency and accountability resulting in millions of dollars being redirected to students from excessive administrative costs.