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Economic Development

I believe it is the job of your representative to look forward with a vision to build economic prosperity. We cannot allow our children to think they have greater opportunity outside of Oklahoma. I will always look to bring economic growth to our district.


Community Growth

We have the blessing to live in a fabulous community, to raise our children with traditional values, in a nurturing environment, truly what every parent wants. We must not allow an over reaching government to erode what we have built.



It is our job to educate our children. It is in our constitution, and it is our responsibility. Education is at the heart of every issue we face as a state. We want companies to move here, we want companies here to grow, they all say the hardest thing to do is hire quality people. With a stable and solid education system, we can truly unlock Oklahoma's potential.


We must fix our budget process

Our current budget process is a mess! It is simple crisis to crisis management based on wishful thinking. It is time we stand up and demand our government and our representatives fix our broken budget process. Without fixing our budget, we cannot have a long term vision for the growth of our state. Our budget is priority number one and I will address it on day one!


Mental Healthcare & Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma must do a better job of distinguishing criminals from individuals who simply need assistance from the community. By investing in mental health programs we can prevent many individuals from ever partaking in criminal action. I plan to bring this issue to the forefront.